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There are three primary financial benefits that allow homeowners to generate new income from solar panels:

Eliminate Electric Bills

With net metering, solar owners sell excess energy back to their utility company effectively eliminating or even getting negative electric bills.


Collect Tax Credits

Receive a 30% tax credit via the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on residential and commercial projects.


Cash in Energy Credits

Solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) are generated for every 1,000 kWh produced by your system which can be sold to utility companies and investors. 

Three Ways to Go Solar




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About Us At City Renewables

image of Ben, the owner of City Renewables after a solar installation in washington DC

City Renewables was founded to help homeowners and businesses make the switch to solar energy. We know that going solar can be a daunting task, so we’re here to guide you through every step of the process.

We’ve learned one thing over the years: there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to solar. That’s why we offer several financial options and build customized systems for each of our clients.

We’re passionate about solar energy, and we’re only happy when we deliver exceptional service. So if you’re considering converting to solar, give us a call! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

Based on 90 reviews
Kenneth Lesley
Kenneth Lesley
April 30, 2024.
Very professional and answered all our questions.
Victoria Turner
Victoria Turner
April 19, 2024.
Hey City Renewables, I'm loving my Solar Panels< I've seen a significant change in my electric bill, I'm glad I've choose to go Solar, thanks
Christine Mahoney
Christine Mahoney
March 5, 2024.
Great experience installing our solar panels with City Renewables. Rebecca was incredibly responsive during the decision phase and she gave us space to think things over but didn’t let us get off track. Would use them again
Vegan Pete
Vegan Pete
January 22, 2024.
The team is super friendly and committed to solar. However, you still need to educate yourself before moving forward on every aspect of solar. You really need to commit to solar for environmental reasons over economic reason, regardless what any sales person will tell you. It took an entire year of having a solar system, seeing the entire process played out with Pepco, how the weather impacts productions, and selling SRECS. A lot of questions I had were answered in a way to close the deal in a manner that benefited Ben and the team more than anyone. In the end, I think City Renewables is the best option in DC for solar based on other companies that I had spoken with. Don't think they would have come close to the customer service Ben and his team provided.
Robert James Raffles
Robert James Raffles
December 17, 2023.
Ben has been pretty dedicated to solving any hurdles and getting my complete solar system set up from engineering drawing to certification! Thank you
Kashgary Noor
Kashgary Noor
December 17, 2023.
They did a great job on my house solar panel installation and made me electric bill free now on.
Matt McHugh
Matt McHugh
December 5, 2023.
We loved working with Ben and the whole team at City Renewables. They made the process of going solar so easy!
Tyler Kalogeros-Treschuk
Tyler Kalogeros-Treschuk
November 27, 2023.
We were super happy working with Ben - he walked us through everything and made it super easy. We've had our panels no about 8 months and tell everyone we know to consider working with City Renewables!
Christopher Hinders
Christopher Hinders
November 25, 2023.
Great experience! The team was friendly and professional, kept us updated on project status, and finished everything in the projected time line. Couldn't ask for much more.
Matt DeFina
Matt DeFina
September 18, 2023.
In spring of 2022 I worked with Ben to install a solar system on our roof, and from start to finish it was an amazing experience. Ben walked through all the details and options during an initial consult and helped identify financing for the project. Installation was a breeze, done in just a day. We haven't had an electricity bill since and are earning enough SRECs to cover the cost of the system entirely. Recently our neighbors begun work to add a third floor to their house and Ben has been invaluable in helping avoid any impacts to our system. I would highly recommend for any solar needs in the district!



Thank you for your interest in going solar!  Ben will contact you shortly to answer any questions and collect some information to provide you with a free design and proposal.