Why do Customers Love Us?


We ensure that your panels are built in a timely manner.


We use the highest quality panels and equipment.


We help you receive the maximum return from your rooftop.

H Street Corridor

“City Renewables makes the conversion process easy and fun. Solar energy can be so confusing. I’ve always heard that you can sell energy back to the grid, but I had no idea that there were so many more benefits.”

Logan Circle

“City Renewables educated me on how to convert to solar power, and they even managed my project from start to finish. When I turned on my system, I even received a free bottle of champagne. Thank you for the great experience.” 


“I’m pretty happy! The last couple months, I haven’t had an electric bill, I’ve built credit! Ben has handled all the paperwork that I didn’t understand. When tax time came, he gave me the forms I needed to give my accountant to get the tax credit. I highly recommend City Renewables.”

Upper Petworth

 “HIGHLY recommend working with this company. Ben has been excellent! He has a passion for helping area residents access solar power, and he has been a valued guide to us throughout our buying process. He has been professional, accessible, and flexible with appointments. The installation was fast and well-done, and the financing was super competitive. He patiently showed us all of our options and helped us pick the route that worked best for us. He has found great partners in the industry, and you would be wise to utilize City Renewables as your solar provider. Also, the panels and mounting look great!!”